The production of brandy has launched recently, but we believe that our careful attitude about what we do, will help it to become one of the best brandies! Apples that are used in producing "Fishers" brandy are grown in our own gardens. Apple cultivation started in 1991, when my parents planted few apple trees near the house. As the years passed, experience about the most delicious, most productive and most juicy apple varieties was acquired. For "Fishers Apple Brandy" production we have selected the most juicy and richest flavored apple varieties. The fermented apple wine is distilled two times with special care, so that the spirit would have its best quality and aroma. Tender taste and color of amber is achieved by aging the spirit on French oak. "Fishers Apple Brandy" warms the soul, creates positive mood and opens world of incredible flavors, which you definitely must feel!

Flavor fineness in details.